Seahawks Success depends on Matt Hasselbeck's Health

matt hasselbecks healthMatt Hasselbeck has been paying close attention to his health this off season to prevent a repeat of last years injuries.

The Seahawks had the worst record in over 10 years in 2008 without Matt Hasselbeck at the helm guiding the Offense to it’s routine of competing for the NFC West title. A bulging disc prevented him from pretty much doing anything normal from how Matt puts it.

This year is very different in terms of conditioning and staying healthy, Matt has been working in the off season twice a day with personal trainer Ken Croner. Then 1 a day workouts with back specialist Rick Celebrini.

But the time Hasselbeck just spent at his home in eastern Washington came with a twist: The Hasselbeck “family” was expanded to include trainer Ken Croner, who put Hasselbeck through two workouts a day.

Just part of the offseason routine when you’re coming off a frustrating season that saw Hasselbeck miss nine games because of a bulging disk in his back.

“June 12th comes and it’s a ghost town – everyone is on vacation,” Hasselbeck said Monday. “So what I’ve been doing was good to not fall off. I felt I was really making progress, and this let me continue to progress in different areas.”

Training camp opens on Friday, when they will practice in the afternoon.

But Hasselbeck isn’t even taking it easy this week. He was leaving for Vancouver, British Columbia, and two days of two-a-day sessions with Rick Celebrini – the same back specialist he started seeing last season, and the same one who has worked in the past with NBA star Steve Nash.

The Seahawks season comes down to one very important factor we all think of everyday, can Matt Hasselbeck stay healthy this Season and can he show he still has the edge to play in the NFL at the level he needs to be for the Seahawks to be successful?

We all will be watching very closely in training camp and preseason to see if Hasselbeck is truly 100% healthy!