Is Leroy Hill Still Having A Secret Relationship With Mary Jane??

leroy hill & lofa tatupu

We can expect to lose Leroy Hill this season for some time due his traveling to Georgia and trial times, yet the question is how much time Roger Goodell will suspend him for.

If we look to what Goodell did with the  New York Jets Shaun Ellis then he should only have a one game suspension for a first time offender of marijuana under 1 ounce.

Yet he could lose even more time for court hearings and pre trial dates.

But one thing still bugs me, Leroy Hill still has a problem with smoking a little or alot of Ganja. He obviously has not taken part in any type of rehabilitation program or expressed his concern with the possibility of being charged in this case.

Why has the Seahawks organization not said anything like we are working with Leroy to get this problem taken care of. But the fact is he had pot on him and he obviously smokes it, so what do we do now?

I like Leroy Hill as a Seattle Seahawk, but that is where the buck stops, i surely do not want any of my kids to idolize him in any sort way, he surely is not in the position to be a role model at this time till he admits he has a drug problem and get’s it licked, so to Mr. Hill, get some help!!!

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill expects to hear from the NFL now that he has been charged in Georgia with misdemeanor marijuana possession stemming from a January traffic stop.

Hours after the league suspended New York Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis for one game and fined him $100,000 this week following a marijuana arrest last fall, Hill had already taken notice.

Hill was recently charged by the solicitor general in Douglas County, Georgia, for misdemeanor marijuana possession. It is Hill’s first known offense, as it was for Ellis.

Hill is still waiting for his punishment from the NFL, he just doesn’t know when it will be delivered.

“When it comes, it comes,” Hill said soon after Ellis was suspended on Monday. “Hopefully, it comes soon.”

Hill is entering his fifth season as Seattle’s starter on one of the league’s more dynamic linebacking units. He’s next to three-time Pro Bowl middle man Lofa Tatupu and opposite Aaron Curry, the fourth pick in this year’s draft.

Hill, a former Atlantic Coast Conference defensive player of the year at Clemson, wants to get the punishment out of the way so he can move on with his season.

Yet it appears he will have the possibility of discipline hanging over his head throughout most of this season.

“Yes, we will review this case,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press on Wednesday. “Under the policy, we can take action prior to disposition in some circumstances, but typically we wait in cases such as this when it is a first offense with no aggravating circumstances.”

Hill’s attorney said Wednesday that the Seahawks can expect to lose Hill for some time during the season while he attends a trial.

“We’re contesting the charge 100 percent,” Macon, Ga.-based attorney Reza Sedghi told The AP in a telephone interview.

Sedghi was asked if that includes the charge Hill had less than an ounce of marijuana in his possession when police found him asleep at an intersection while behind the wheel of his 1975 Buick Electra in suburban Atlanta around 4 a.m. on Jan. 24. He replied, “Yeah, absolutely.”

Douglas County solicitor general Brian Fortner said Hill’s arraignment on Aug. 31 for misdemeanor marijuana possession and two traffic violations — not using a seat belt and having an inoperable brake light — has been waived at the request of his attorney. A judge is expected to hear a trial by December, though it might happen sooner.

Fortner said the normal sentence for a first-time offender for misdemeanor marijuana possession in his county is probation. He is open to a plea agreement and a pretrial diversion program that, if Hill completed, could result in the charges being dropped. That would be in hopes Hill could perhaps make some good of the situation through community service.

“He is in a unique position to help other individuals,” Fortner said. “We may be able to consider something different. It depends a lot on the attitude of the defendant, and if he’s learned from his mistake.

“The ball is somewhat in their court.”

It’s apparently going to stay there. Hill’s lawyer said there will be no deal.

“We look forward to trial,” Sedghi said. “There will be no plea deal. I mean, he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Hill already got through one issue this offseason. He stayed away from non-mandatory minicamps while protesting the Seahawks placing the franchise tag on him and depriving him of free agency. Hill refused to sign an $8.3 million tender for 2009.

He eventually returned when Seattle gave him a six-year contract worth a guaranteed $15.5 million. The deal could potentially be worth $38 million.

Now if he could only shed this other problem hovering over him.

The Seahawks know Hill could be suspended. For now, they wait.

“We haven’t heard anything yet,” coach Jim Mora said, “and until I do I don’t want to speculate.”