Seattle Seahawks Day 1 Training Camp Looked Real Good!

090802mebane450The 330-pound Cole was signed in free agency to man the nose tackle position that Mebane filled last season. So Mebane, 314, has moved to the three-technique spot.

So far, Cole has been as stout as expected, while Mebane has been a frequent visitor in the backfield before the running back can even get to the line.

Initial recation: T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Hasselbeck continue to click in the red zone. It started during the spring minicamps, when Hasselbeck went to the team’s big free-agent addition for eight touchdowns – in one practice.

Saturday evening, they were at it again. Say what you will about needing time to develop a rapport, but inside the 20-yard line, the magic numbers have been 8 to 84.

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Kerney on the move: When the Seahawks acquired defensive lineman Cory Redding in a March trade from the Detroit Lions (for the steep price of Pro Bowl linebacker Julian Peterson), it remained to be seen just what the coaches would do with him.

Coach Jim Mora spelled that out Saturday. If the team played a game today, Redding would be at left end, with Patrick Kerney sliding over to the right side.

I like the move for two reasons. First, it gets Redding’s bigger body (6-4, 292) on the left side to handle those double-team blocks from the tight end and a tackle. Even more importantly, it removes Kerney from taking on that task – a great move for a player who has had shoulder surgery three times in the past three seasons.

Friday, Nate Burleson made a half dozen impressive catches. But when asked about the effort, the veteran wide receiver immediately mentioned the one pass he dropped.

Saturday morning, Ken Lucas broke up passes that were intended for Deion Branch and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who had better position than Lucas to make the plays. But the pass the veteran cornerback dwelled on was one completed because he got a poor break on the ball.

Saturday evening, Justin Forsett made a block that knocked everyone’s socks off – and stoned 240-pound middle linebacker David Hawthorne. But the point made by the 194-pound Forsett was that he needed to hold the block a little longer.

Perfectionists? Perhaps, but they’re definitely realists. To a man, the Seahawks are wearing last year’s 4-12 record like a hair shirt. Several times during the offseason, players would inject their lost season into conversations that where focused on the future not the past. As in, “Well, you know we were 4-12 last year.”

In his first season as coach, Jim Mora is preaching accountability to his players – on every play, in every practice. No excuses. Just results.

The players obviously have taken his challenge to heart.