Good news for UW is not so for LSU

HuskiesYes, LSU kicked the season off on a winning note, downing Washington 31-23 last night.

However, they did it against a Huskies team riding a losing streak that now stands at 15. They did it while being outgained 478-321. They did it with their defense being on the field for 83 plays, an astounding 35 more than their Husky counterparts.

In the end, the final score is all that matters. But the way that final score came about has to leave Les Miles & Company feeling a little less than comfortable.

On the flip side, how ’bout them Huskies?

In Steve Sarkisian’s UW debut, the new head coach has given a program in desperate need of hope exactly that.

“Obviously there was a lot of excitement. Our kids were well-prepared. Our kids played hard. They played for four quarters,” said Scott Woodward, UW’s athletic director. “We just ran into a very, very tough … team that has won a national championship as soon as two years ago. I’m very pleased with how Coach (Sarkisian) had the team prepared.”

Yes, the Huskies have a long way to go. But, after a winless 2008 campaign, Sarkisian has given an entire fan base a reason to believe he may indeed be the one to turn the thing around.

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