Have We Already Forgotten About Marquis Cooper & Corey Smith?

lost playersI understand the season is underway and we are cheering our teams on and enjoying the start of another NFL season, personally my 41st season of football.

Yet it seems we have forgotten 2 great players and family men who passed away earlier this year while on a tragic boating accident.

I personally believe there is more to be said about what happened out there and think the lone survivor Nick Schuyler has much more to say after beating around the bush for months,  we are no closer to the real truth about what happened out there.

I just wanted to post a little something to the families and fans letting them know that we have not forgotten about Marquis & Corey, May they rest in peace, and may the truth about what really happened out there come to light.

I found this Excerpt below from a family friend’s  dedication to both Marquis & Corey!

Essentially, this blog site is dedicated to the family and friends of Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith. Predominantly, this blog site is now a website domain that shall remain active as long as possible, for as long as there is a pulse in my heart. I wish to extend a warm heartfelt words of comfort to all the families of the boaters; to the Cooper Family, the Smith Family, the Bleakley family, and the Schuyler family.

May God remain in your lives, and may you find the strength and comfort you need at any given time by looking up and speaking to our Father in heaven. Never forget that our lives will forever be changed by this tragedy, and with this, never forget that there are many of us out there, who will forever keep you and yours in our hearts and minds, thoughts and prayers.

For anyone who visits this site – please maintain the due respect each member deserves, to include that of their families and friends. If you do not have something nice to say, please refrain from saying anything at all. If you happen to be in a mood of some sort, please do not shed words that may potentially be hurtful or disrespectful in nature.

To everyone who has supported the families thus far, and who has helped, volunteered and donated time, money and resources – I want to personally thank you – To everyone else thank you for visiting and thank you for taking a moment out of your life to read content on this site.