Seahawks Ride The Jaguars Like A One Trick Pony To 41-0 Victory!

Darrell Tapp Sacks David GerrardYeah i’m a Seahawk’s Homer, and everyone wrote the Seahawks off like a cheap Vegas strip show that lasts for a few months and is never seen or heard from again, just like the mob use to take care of snitches.

One thing to all you nay sayers, the Seahawks are back even if for only one week, i enjoyed this win like no other in years, and im going to bask in all the glory which ends when i wake up for work in the morning, Wait a minute, 2 guys at work are Jaguars fan’s, so my glory and Evilness will last maybe one extra day while at work!

Matt Hasselbeck showed us all why he is the starting Quarterback in Seattle throwing for 4 touchdowns in the mauling of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He showed poise and patience, all the skills Senec

a Wallace lacks at the NFL level for a starting QB.

The Defense looked like it was what we al though

t it was,(sounding a little to much like Dennis Green) but they played like we knew they could, end of story!

My hats of to all the Seahawks players, you played one Helluva game today and gave all us TRUE DIEHARD SEAHAWKS FANS something to hold onto for one week two weeks? Who cares im just happy we got a win today!

Houshmandzadeh gets his first touch of the regular season!

In Seahawks franchise history, the team has started its season 1-3 or worse 10 times, and in two of those seasons Seattle finished with a .500 or better record, in 1979 (9-7) and 1990 (9-7). Neither of those teams reached the playoffs.

Wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh understands his team is in a tough situation, but he’s not willing to give up on the season yet.

“It’s big for us this week to win,” Houshmandzadeh said. “You never say it’s a must win, but every game is a must win, so to speak, and you don’t want to go 1-4, that’s for sure.”Houshmandzadeh celebrates

And although the Seahawks find themselves having to dig out of a hole, cornerback Josh Wilson said he believes there’s still time left for his team to get back into it.

“It’s doesn’t matter how you start, it’s how you finish,” Wilson said. “It’s all about winning the next game. Right now we’re just going into the next game concentrating on that, and trying to get a win.”