Mitch Petrus ’shocked’ after record-tying bench press of 45 reps

Mitch Petrus

The bench press at the NFL Scouting Combine is about as entertaining as it gets. You can see the highlights on the video above.

Arkansas guard Mitch Petrus was the highlight Friday, tying a combine record (since 2000) with 45 repetitions. Catching up with him shortly after his performance, he still was out of breath — even though enough time had passed that he had made his way up to the concourse level of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Petrus said his personal best had been 35 reps, which he did three weeks ago at the end of a heavy workout.

“I lost count, so when they said 45, I was shocked,” Petrus said. “It definitely didn’t start [the combine] off on a bad note. I’m fortunate. I actually surprised myself. I almost passed out when I got off the bench.”