Pete Carroll Asked if he was comfortable with Matt Hasselbeck

ap1001261361812The Seahawks’ decision to bring in Pete Carroll was one of the highest profile coaching moves of the past couple years. Carroll left USC after an incredibly successful nine-year run at the university, and is now looking to restore a Seattle franchise that has fallen on hard times since its Super Bowl XL appearance.

Recently hired Seahawks coach Pete Carroll watches the Senior Bowl practice sessions. (Dave Martin / Associated Press)
The first step in the rebuilding process comes here at the Senior Bowl. Carroll benefits from the fact the Seahawks have three of the top 40 picks in this April’s draft, and he was pacing the sidelines watching all the action at Wednesday’s practice.

I had a few moments to catch up with him as he was heading off following the North team’s morning session, and he displayed his trademark enthusiasm when discussing his move to Seattle.

“We’re just getting started, and trying to put everything together. I can’t say getting accustomed yet, but we’re hard at it,” Carroll said.

One might think that Carroll’s familiarity with the college game might give him an edge in the draft process, but he explained that was not necessarily the case.

“It helps in some regards, but not as many as you might think,” Carroll said.

“I wish I knew more. We recruited just a certain amount of guys, about 100 guys a year (at USC).”

As for perhaps the biggest question regarding the club’s immediate future, Carroll was direct and to the point.

Asked if he was comfortable with Matt Hasselbeck as the team’s starting quarterback moving forward, he gave an adamant, “YES” before walking off with some of his staff. The work has just begun, after all.