Breaking: Ex-Seahawks Coach Jim Mora Nominated Jackass Of The Year!

Jim Mora You Suck BallsI just couldnt help myself, after his suck ass first season in Seattle where he blamed everyone for the lame ass performance but himself, he earns the Seattle Jack Ass award in my book.

When he had the nerve to call out Olindo Mare for missing 2 field goals in a loss to Chicago i was done with this Buffoon.

In the 3 home games i had the fortune to attend, he spent most of his time yelling at the offense and T.J Houshmanzadeh, thats right Houshmandzadeh. He spent a good time chewing other peoples asses out on the sidelines but damn get real, he was the coach, no one else was, and he did an absolute shit job of it, period end of story.

Now he has a gig at Bellevue High, well Jim Mora if you happen to read this article i hope you fall flat on your face and are about as tall as a Leprechaun laughing while he runs in the grass because it tickles his balls.

You need to be brought down to the level you instilled in your players while acting like a little bitch on the sidelines.

Jackass Mora2After one year in his dream job — head coach of the Seattle Seahawks — longtime Pacific Northwest resident Jim Mora was dumped on the heels of a 5-11 season in which the team looked much worse than their record. There didn’t seem to be a lot of buzz for Mora as the league’s coaching carousel turned, and quite possibly for good reason — he frequently looked overmatched and seemed to lack impulse control, which is a problem when you’re dealing with 53 finely-tuned athletes at the height of the sport. Mora did some local radio, spent some time on the NFL Network crew, and now it seems that he’s found another coaching job — with Bellevue High School.

Bellevue, located in a toney suburb of Seattle, has been a power for years; in 2004, the Wolverines broke De La Salle’s 13-year, 151-game winning streak, and their teams are always at or near the top of the state championship seeds. Mora, according to Mason Kelley of the Seattle Times, will fill a to-be-determined role on the coaching staff. Mora attended nearby Interlake High, graduated in 1980, and went on to the University of Washington. Chris Beake, who was on Mora’s Seahawks staff last year, will be Bellevue’s new defensive coordinator.

Head coach Butch Goncharoff (who isn’t going anywhere) was excited about the new hire.

Jim will be involved. I don’t know in what capacity yet. It’s great. He’s an outstanding guy in whatever capacity we get him, even if it’s only for spring ball or summer. It’s great to have him around. He’s a great resource for us.

Seahawks fans who had few reasons to be impressed with Mora’s tenure will probably find this to be a humorous fall from grace, and there’s no doubt that Mora’s star has fallen pretty severely since his days as San Francisco’s defensive coordinator and Atlanta’s head coach. But it’s impressive in a way that Mora will keep his hand in coaching — perhaps he’ll pick up a few things about balance and humility that will help him in his next NFL job.

With Mora, the questions have never been about his football knowledge; the issues are generally more about the peripheral things that undo the less-than-great in his profession. This could be a great opportunity for Mora to teach some talented kids a few things — and learn a few important things himself.