Did Nick Schuyler Murder NFL players Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper?


Okay we have heard over and over what happened from one mans lips, and lip service is what i personally believe he is giving!

I feel in my heart as a big guy with no quit in my heart, that they would have survived out there in the sea longer than this punk kid. Nick Schuyler has told nothing to the families, no last words from the players, nothing, nada, nyet, zilch, zero, zip. Yet now he has a book one year after this tragic event.

And to top it all off he has all this gear on when they rescued him and comes in with both slippers still on his feet, damn those things stayed on, or what the hell were they made of, “Gold”?

Go ahead and call me anything you like, but the simple fact of the matter is, we need many more answers from Mr. Schuyler, which obviously appears it will never happen, to this day no police questioning, just the plain and simple fact they bought his lame ass story and now he’s selling a book to profit of another man’s misery?

Low life piece of crap is what i call him!


On February 28, 2009, four friends set sail for a day of fishing off the Florida coast. When they didn’t return that night, the Coast Guard launched a massive search effort early the next morning despite stormy weather and violent waves. Forty-three hours later, the boat was found—but three lives had been lost. Only one man, Nick Schuyler, lived to tell the harrowing tale of his friends’ fight for life.

Nick, a personal trainer, had befriended NFL players Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper at his gym. The three quickly bonded over intense workouts and lifting weights. Corey, the youngest of six children, had just finished his season with the Detroit Lions.

Marquis was married with a 3-year-old daughter he adored. An experienced fisherman, he often took friends out on his 21-foot boat. Set to leave for an off-season training camp with the Oakland Raiders, Marquis wanted to take his friends on one last trip to his favorite fishing spot, 70 miles off the Florida coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

When another friend dropped out of the trip at the last minute, Nick invited his best friend, Will Bleakley, to join them. Inseparable since their days playing football at the University of South Florida, Nick was excited to have Will along for the day.

No one could have foreseen the tragedy that lurked ahead.



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  2. Hes a hero? Please don't make us all who have a sensible thought process laugh to hard now!
    Nick is lying about what really happened, he states they went under and retrieved the life jackets from underneath the boat? That's a damn lie as a longtime avid boater myself and fisherman, everyone knows you cant pull a life jacket under water and bring it from under the boat.
    Secondly he changed his story over 15 times, sometimes saying Marquis took his life jacket off and said he was giving up.
    Then 2 weeks after that statement he states Marquis dies in hisIf we are all as stupid as you everyone would be out murdering people everywhere!

  3. Are you serious? You think this guys a hero, wow i guess you really dont know all the fact of what happened out there and no one but Nick Schuyler does.
    But the simple fact is his story does not jive not one bit.
    Ignorance is bliss?

  4. I have to say agree that something does not jive with this story. Of course we were not there but from what I saw on the Oprah show, there was just no sadness or devistation in his voice, he seemed so calm. albeit just about a year ago, I would not be able to talk about it w/o breaking down, which I did not see at all from him. The fact that he spoke alot about his "best friend" Will a great deal and how he dealth with his family, but kind of down played the other families stating he "wishes they were closer" is suspect. I was really taken aback that he did not reach out to the family to console them and give them Marquis and Corey's last words. That SUCKS majorly….. God forgive me if I am wrong, but I really don't see the heroism and alot of information he gave does not add up.

  5. I would not consider him a hero ..if you read his book he clearly states that what he says is what he can merely remember..he never swam down to retrieve anything from under boat (he was scared)until the last day…he had extra clothes than the others (i dont think anyone would give up theirs)
    What is he suppose to tell the families of the victims, how they met their death slowly and painfuly…when someone comes into hyperthermia they do strange things…but its ridiculous they would think he killed them, what was he suppose to get out of them ..nothing! it was just a terrible accident

  6. After seeing Nick on Oprah I have to agree, something doesn't sit right with his storey…I'm not saying murder, but perhaps the survival instinct meant he was only out to save himself?? Who knows what he did in order to save himself. Nick seems to be making out he is the hero a little too much and where was the genuine emotion? I don't believe he did and said all the things he stated. And when asked by Oprah about sharing profits of his book with the families of the other men his response was evasive……..if he really wanted to share the profits he would find a way! After all he survived 40 hrs lost at sea but can't work out a way to get a message to the families or get funds to them??? We will never really know what happened out there but it sounds to me like he is just telling a storey – to make himself look like a hero………..

  7. omg u r the most insensitive bunch of people i ever met if u really read the story and did not scrutinize it u would know that the coast guard gave him the outfit and the flip flops and until ur in thatawful situation u cant say anything he also has a foundation set up for his friends to raise money and why the hell would he risk his life on the off chance that he might get rescued his life was in just as much danger and i honestly think if iwas in that situation i would do whatever it was i needed to do to survive “MURDER” is a harsh word absurd even get ur facts straight u ignorant f@#kers

  8. Give me a break! Nick has every right to tell his story so that rumors such as the ones you guys are trying to start can be put to rest. He didn't have anything to do with them dying. Stop blaming the guy who survived, don't you think he has enough sadness just living that event in his head. I think Cooper's family is just mad because the money maker isn't around to provide the life style they once had. So Mrs. Cooper needs to get a job and get off Nick for telling his, I repeat his story…

  9. I am an xbert on reading people and his story doesn't sound right. It smells fisher than the water he was saved/found in. Nick is not a hero, as I do believe a Murder / 's Have been committed and should be investigator. I do not trust Lie detectors but what the HECK give Nick one for the show of support. Then see how the story Changes. The Story he tells is so far fetched. I watched Opera and couldn't take much more of his BULL…Sh''''…. And the Greed to make Money on a Book. I see Opera asked him if he was going to share the wealth , on the BOOK . And give money / share with the Family's ,..which was baically NO ! He is a Money Hungry Murder that was jealous. Get a Jail Cell Ready to accomidate Nick…

  10. I am a xbert on body language and Nicks story is Fishier than the water he was rescued in. His story has so many confusing tails/changes in it ,…Just watch his eye/face motion on Opera.. He should offer to take a lie detector test as I do not believe in them, but its a start of support to his story. And also when Opera asked him about sharing the Money from the book he moved on to another story and acted like he was forced to write it and did not sound like he wanted to offer any money to the 3 Murdered Victims…. Cause I don't buy the Story he's telling nor do I buy that the Families don't want any money from the book….. Nick seems like a Greedy , selfish/jealous person. Who was probably Jealous of Cooper and all these men ,,.. and the life they had going for them. Get a Jail Cell Ready For Nick and his Story Tail. Nick can try to sell his Bull to someone Else

  11. It has bee over a year since this terrible accident, but I had to rationalize the madness in this blog. First of all I own 2 boats. If I invited 3 friends on a boating trip, I would consider their lives first. You don't take a 21 foot boat out 70 miles, regardless of safty equipment.

  12. Espesially with 4 guys that weight over 225lbs each, plus equipment. The weather forcasted severe storms, and the weather is very unstable in Feb. Not emergency equipment, coast guard radios, or beakon, just cell phones. Now this is the big one, untieing the anchor rope from the nose of the boat, then backing the boat up, to tie in to the stern, that would be a challenge in a storm, the wave at the boat would not cooperate with you. Then any should know what the boat will do if something is attached to in, and you hit the throttle. THE REAR OF THE BOAT WILL LOWER, the propeller digs in to get traction, thus sinking the boat. The anchor cost about 29-70 dollars at walmart. The owner of the is ultimately responsible. Even the coast guard's cutter was having difficulties in those stormy seas. NOTHING was done right about this fishing trip. I honestly can't find one positive thing that was considered. The boat was way over weighted, going out 70 miles, in sever storms. REALLY, not to mention the anchor issues.

  13. Bottom line is.. If it was you on that boat… The only person i would think about is myself. your automatic survival instincts kick in. So if it came down to me or someone i was even close to… I think i am going to choose me. None of those men should have been 70 miles off of the coast in Feb.

  14. I believe that Nicks account was only partially factual. I think he had a life jacket, no one else did, ever. I don’t think anyone ever went underneath to retrieve jackets. I believe he was sitting ON the boat with all of his clothes on and would not budge his position on the boat. I think he was irrational and panicky and the others, Marquis and Corey were getting pissed off at his determination to only save himself.I think Corey and Marquis as a result were forced to spend a majority of the time in the water and died earlier than Nick said. I think his selfishness and adamance killed everyone else. They were angry and aggressive because Nick was not a team player, only wanting to save himself. I think that all the accounts about Corey trying to pull Nick and Will off the boat was true so that he could get on and help himself and they would not let him on, to save themselves, Nick would not let go of the motor. I think he did say “ima kill you” because Nick was panicky and selfish. Survival for all if possible is give and take. Everyone has to have a chance ON the boat. Corey and Marquis died because they didn’t have a chance in shorts and a shirt and could not stay on the boat.

    • I just finished reading the book, and I totally agree with you, if everyone had had a chance ON the boat, they'll ALL be alive today.