Holmgren Speaks On Seattle Seahawks Left Tackle Walter Jones

WJONESCleveland president and ex Seattle Seahawks Coach Mike Holmgren answered questions on Friday afternoon, appearing in a brown sweater — as opposed to a Browns sweater.

Afterward, he was asked about Seattle Seahawks tackle Walter Jones.

“That will be a huge hole to fill when he stops playing, and I hope he can play some more,” Holmgren said. “I believe if I was still there I would be coaxing him into something. Trying anyway. But he has played a long time, and I think he has really been a warrior the last couple years because he’s played on some bad wheels, a bad shoulder and things. He’s played a lot of football.”

In Holmgren’s final press conference as Seattle  Seahawks coach, he said that Walter Jones was the best offensive football player he had ever coached.

“I did and then I got so much flack on that from the quarterbacks,” Holmgren said. “They all started phoning me, ‘What are you doing?’

“He’s one of the best offensive players I’ve coached, yes, absolutely. And he’s the best tackle.”

That has become an increasingly important position over the past 10 years.