Matt Hasselbeck’s days might be numbered in Seattle

_RM18814--nfl_large_580_1000The writing is on the wall for Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck — or so says the Tacoma News Tribune’s Eric Williams.

Williams writes that the team’s trade for former Chargers backup Charlie Whitehurst probably means Hasselbeck — who has one year at $5.75 million remaining on his contract — is all but finished in Seattle.

Williams notes that Hasselbeck will be 35 in September, has missed nine games over the last two seasons and is coming off one of his worst seasons (17 touchdown passes, 17 interceptions, 3,029 yards):

… By releasing Deon Grant, trading Darryl Tapp and now trading for Whitehurst, (Pete) Carroll and (John) Schneider have shown that they are not afraid to make bold moves in order to change the makeup of this team. Trading Hasselbeck may be another move in that process.

Whitehurst has limited playing experience (he has yet to throw a pass in the regular season) other than the preseason, but the Seahawks liked him enough to fork over some valuable draft picks to the Chargers.

So i guess the question still remains, who really thinks Matt has another year in him, by that we mean a productive winning season??


  1. Theres a difference between "bold" and "stupid". With this afternoons news that Lance Laury is now a Jet, Im heavily inclined towards #2.

    Whitehurst is not going to be able to come in here and immediately start. Anyone who thinks he can needs to put down the crack pipe. Weve disposed of three different young vets over the past three days, with NO assurance Carroll and Company has any idea how to find their replacements.

    Im wondering how many more outright stupid trades or FA signings its going to take for Seahawk Nation to finally get mad.

  2. Whitehurst hasn't even thrown one pass in the NFL. Replacing Hasselbeck with him would be the most foolish thing I can imagine. And these writers keep saying Hasselbeck is injury prone. I don't think so. The broken ribs he suffered last year are not the mark of an injury prone player. Anyone who gets a helmet in the ribs would suffer the same fate. His back did not bother him at all last season. If it did, that would be cause to worry about an injury prone player. If they like this Whitehurst guy so much it would make a lot more sense for Hasselbeck to play while Whitehurst is groomed. Makes no sense to get rid of a proven QB for someone who hasn't thrown a pass in years.

  3. i think that the best move the seahawks can make is to get rid of hasselbeck, anytime they do that it almost dosnt matter who they replace him with because he is the reason that the seahawks are having a shitty season. the rams kicked seahawks ass because anytime that matt gets a little pressure he dosnt know what to do and if you dont know what to do as a quarterback you throw ints. and thats exactly what he did losing the game mostly becuase of them. we need a quarterback that can work under pressure. bottom line i think that we should at least try Whitehurst, they havnt given him one try except preseason and i think that he can be a key player when a little experience builds up.