TNT Staff Writer Mcgrath Tears Up Former Seattle Sehawks Coach Jim Mora

Jim Jackass MoraOh how i loved reading this article since our induction of Jim Mora for receiving the Seattle “Jackass” citizen of the year award for his outright childish diatribes constantly on the Seahawks sidelines this past season.

My son asked me a question while we attended the Titans in Seattle. Dad, Do NFL coaches always yell at their players like Coach Mora is?

To say the least i was taken aback a little when he posed this question,  in my best fatherly I’m smart as a donkey and i know everything tone, i blurted out, sure son, he is just trying to motivate his players to play better.

Damn was that a stupid ass answer to give, especially when i thought about it more and more as the week progressed. We had been to 3 home games for the 2009 season, and every damn game we watched Jim Mora was running back and forth at times like a mad man who lost his way back to the mental institution. I remember him even grabbing Babs by the face mask! Is this some sort of new motivational treatment for highly skilled professional athletes?

Yet i kept trying to rationalize to myself all was fine in the Hawks organization and it would turn around next year. But every time you listen to this fool speaking, you lose more and more confidence in your head coach.

So in small part this is a fantastic read from Staff Writer: John Mcgrath of the Tacoma News Tribune, so sit back and enjoy Jim Mora getting ripped a new “ASS”!

Not often am I inclined to offer career advice to a former NFL coach, especially a former coach guaranteed some $12 million to do nothing more industrious over the next three years than stay away from the Seattle Seahawks.

But Jim Mora and I share something in common: Both of us lost jobs we’d coveted since we were kids, jobs that returned us to the place we presumed was home.

After two seasons as a Seahawks defensive assistant and another as head coach, Mora got fired in January. He had just turned 48. So much for his plans of settling down in the town where he grew up.

He needs to find his own kind of whirlwind pace, because the longer he stews about the awkward way Seahawks management handled his departure – he met the press for a postseason wrap as CEO Tod Leiweke was in Los Angeles, interviewing Pete Carroll – the more he sounds like an embittered mope.

Talking the other day with Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore on 710-AM in Seattle, Mora took Leiweke to task (while declining to note Leiweke’s subsequent apology). Mora also called out owner Paul Allen for his failure to personally deliver the news of the coaching change (while declining to mention Allen’s battle with cancer). Mora’s gripes extended all the way to Seahawks public relations executive Dave Pearson, for not intervening soon enough to prevent the coach from drifting into one of his embarrassing rants.

“That would be our P.R. guy’s job to cut it off. That’s his job, not mine. My job is not to say the press conference is over. The director of P.R., who is paid very handsomely, that’s his job to do,” said Mora, full-drift into still another embarrassing rant.

Definition of an embarrassing rant: A man with $12 million remaining on his contract pointing out how another man is “paid very handsomely.”

During an interview in which he said, “I like people that are truthful. I’m not about lies and deception,” Mora insisted that he wasn’t familiar with Charlie Whitehurst, the veteran quarterback the Seahawks recently acquired from San Diego.

“I had no idea who Charlie Whitehurst was until there was talk about him,” Mora said. “I never heard of the guy. Then I was reminded he was the guy who threw the interception to Nick Reed in preseason. I have some friends on the San Diego staff, and they’re feeling pretty darn good about the deal.”

Although Whitehurst remains an obscurity to casual fans, it defies reason that Mora has never heard of him. During Mora’s first preseason game as a Seahawks defensive assistant, in 2007, Whitehurst threw 22 passes against Seattle. During Mora’s first preseason game as Seahawks head coach, Whitehurst threw 29 passes against Seattle.

Furthermore, Whitehurst, who holds most of the career passing records at Clemson, was a four-year starter in college; his final two seasons coincided with Mora’s first two seasons as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, who make their year-round headquarters in Flowery Branch, Ga.

Clemson is 86.7 miles away from Flowery Branch. The coach on a crusade against lies and deception wants you to think he’s never heard of quarterback who starred on a campus that’s 86.7 miles away from where Mora used to work, who grew up in the same Atlanta suburb (Duluth, Ga., population 26,000) where Mora once lived, who retired as the third-leading passer in ACC history, who outplayed Jay Cutler in the Senior Bowl, who was drafted in the third round and went on to throw 51 passes against Seattle over two preseason games.

Uh, sure. Mora either was fibbing in an attempt to ridicule his successor’s signature transaction, or he really is as clueless as his most vitriolic critics have submitted on the blogs.

Clueless? I don’t buy it. Whatever Mora’s flaws, an idle mind isn’t one of them. He knows football. He’s got an innate ability – an ability not all that common in his profession – to make everybody in the room take note and listen. Mora turns 50 next year, but he exudes the energy of somebody not yet 30.

An opportunity awaits Mora at the college level, where his vibrant personality seems better suited for intensifying the mood at pep rallies and finishing recruiting pitches than it did in the NFL.

Take it from me, coach. Your dream job is gone? Pack up your bags and head off toward the sunset, or the sunrise, or someplace in between. What you find when you get there might turn out to be home.