Video: Seahawks Introduce Charlie Whitehurst To Seattle

CarrollWhitehurstOne has NFL experience. Lots of it. The other guy? Not so much

There are some glaring differences between Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst. We can start with the obvious. One has hair. Lots of it. The other guy? Not so much.

But one similarity, according to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll: Both will be competing for the same job this summer, even if Hasselbeck is admittedly the leader in the clubhouse.

Before we go all quarterback controversy on this one, be clear that Carroll says Hasselbeck is definitely his team’s starting quarterback even with the relatively expensive acquisition of Whitehurst on Thursday.

But he also made it clear there will be competition at the high-profile position.

“As we look at our quarterback situation, we’re excited about Matt Hasselbeck and fitting him into our new style of what we’re going to do offensively,” Carroll said as the team introduced Whitehurst to the media. “We know that Charlie has the ability to do the same kinds of things that we need.

“And we’ll let the games begin.”

If that sounds like something of a challenge to the current quarterback, so be it. Carroll and GM John Schneider said their goal is to create challenges at every position in order to improve the team and quarterback will be no different.

“Matt is obviously our guy that we’ve been excited about a good while and we’re pumped to have him,” Carroll said. “Charlie is going to fit into this competition and take it as far as he can. And we have big expectations for the long haul.”

Whitehurst has yet to throw a pass in the NFL in four seasons as a third-stringer with the San Diego Chargers, but Schneider said he’s been intrigued by the athletic 6-foot-5, 220-pounder since seeing him work out during his college days at Clemson.

Is that and some mixed preseason results enough to warrant Whitehurst being ordained the franchise’s quarterback of the future?