Seattle Seahawks 2010 NFL Draft Round 1 Updated

Clare posted some mocks of the pro’s around the internet on, some good ones some outright stupid ones.
Well we submit to you our updated round 1 Seattle Seahawks draft picks in our eyes where we think the Seattle Seahawks could end up leaning to in this years first round.

We put 7 of the most diehard Seattle Seahawks fans together in a room at my house and after a long hard fought battle and drunkeness we came up with the draft round one at the end of a long night.

But it’s still entertaining to see what the pundits predict, so let’s take a look:

Rob Rang,

* Rams (1): Bradford
* Lions (2): Suh
* Buccaneers (3): McCoy
* Redskins (4): Okung
* Chiefs (5): T. Williams
* Seahawks (6): Bulaga

In Charlie Whitehurst, Pete Carroll clearly believes he has found his quarterback of the future. His next priority should be the offensive line. Without the high second-round pick that could have been used on one of the next-tier tackles – the pick was sacrificed to acquire Whitehurst from San Diego, which mandated the teams swap second-round position – who would fit Alex Gibbs’ zone-blocking system, the Seahawks have backed themselves into a corner and now must address the line early. Bulaga is a rung below Okung and Williams in terms of pure athleticism, but he’s technically sound and experienced in a zone-blocking offense.

Seahawks (14): Morgan

The Seahawks have bigger needs but Pete Carroll is a defense-first coach and won’t ignore the game film. After posting 14.5 sacks in 2007, Patrick Kerney has fallen off to 5.0 sacks each of the past two seasons. Worse, the 33-year-old’s 5.0 sacks last season led this unit. He is due $5.16 million this season. Morgan had 12.5 sacks last season.

Clark Judge,

* Rams (1): Bradford
* Lions (2): Suh
* Buccaneers (3): McCoy
* Redskins (4): Okung
* Chiefs (5): T. Williams
* Seahawks (6): Spiller

Pete Carroll talks about building his team around a running game, and you’re not getting there with Julius Jones or Justin Forsett. There’s one elite back in this draft. So take him.

Seahawks (14): Morgan

Patrick Kerney is just about finished. Darryl Tapp is gone. It’s time to find a top-shelf pass rusher, especially if you’re in the same division with Arizona. Morgan is a start.

Mel Kiper,

* Rams (1): Bradford
* Lions (2): Suh
* Buccaneers (3): McCoy
* Redskins (4): Okung
* Chiefs (5): Berry
* Seahawks (6): T. Williams

Williams is the most versatile player in the draft, a rare feat for an offensive lineman. Here’s a guy who has played well at both tackle positions, and has even seen spot duty at center. A safe pick, because Williams can upgrade your offensive line in more than one place. Seattle has to improve its O-line with one of these picks, and Williams is more coveted each week.

Seahawks (14): Morgan

Seattle needs a pass-rusher on the edge of a 4-3 scheme, and Morgan is an ideal addition. He’s got the pass-rushing skills to be a disruptive force, and the strength to hold up well in the run game. No player in college displayed more versatility from this position over the past season. If the Hawks add a top DE and OT in Round 1, they’ll be, quite simply, a better football team.

Todd McShay,

* Rams (1): Bradford
* Lions (2): Suh
* Buccaneers (3): McCoy
* Redskins (4): Okung
* Chiefs (5): Bulaga
* Seahawks (6): Berry

This is a tough call between Berry and OT Williams. The Seahawks have significant need at both positions and offensive tackle carries more weight, but Seattle could pass on Williams for the same reasons the Chiefs did one pick earlier. Plus, Berry is clearly the top defensive back in the 2010 class and he could fill a glaring hole in the middle of the Seahawks’ defense.

Seahawks (14): Spiller

The Seahawks would bypass arguably their biggest need (OT) in this first-round scenario, but the good news is they would end up with two of the top seven players in this draft. Spiller is the most dynamic skill player on the board and would instantly upgrade the attack with his versatility in the running and passing games, and he can also contribute in the return game.


1 St. Louis Sam Bradford* QB Oklahoma 6′ 4″ 236
2 Detroit Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska 6′ 4″ 305
3 Tampa Bay Gerald McCoy* DT Oklahoma 6′ 4″ 295
4 Washington Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State 6′ 5″ 298
5 Kansas City Brian Bulaga* OT Iowa 6′ 6″ 312
6 Seattle Trent Williams OT Oklahoma 6′ 5″ 320
7 Cleveland Eric Berry* S Tennessee 5′ 11″ 211
8 Oakland Bruce Campbell* OT Maryland 6′ 7″ 310
9 Buffalo C.J. Spiller RB Clemson 5′ 11″ 195
10 Jacksonville Jimmy Clausen* QB Notre Dame 6′ 3″ 208
11 Denver Rolando McClain* ILB Alabama 6′ 4″ 248
12 Miami Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma 6′ 6″ 248
13 San Francisco Joe Haden* CB Florida 5′ 11″ 195
14 Seattle Derrick Morgan* DE Georgia Tech 6′ 4″ 270
15 NY Giants Earl Thomas** S Texas 5′ 10″ 197
16 Tennessee Jason Pierre-Paul* DE South Florida 6′ 6″ 260
17 San Francisco Anthony Davis* OT Rutgers 6′ 6″ 330
18 Pittsburgh Brandon Graham DE Michigan 6′ 2″ 270
19 Atlanta Mike Iupati OG Idaho 6′ 6″ 330
20 Houston Dan Williams DT Tennessee 6′ 3″ 312
21 Cincinnati Carlos Dunlap* DE Florida 6′ 6″ 286
22 New England Jared Odrick DT Penn State 6′ 5″ 306
23 Green Bay Taylor Mays S USC 6′ 4″ 225
24 Philadelphia Everson Griffen* DE USC 6′ 3″ 278
25 Baltimore Brian Price* DT UCLA 6′ 2″ 295
26 Arizona Sergio Kindle OLB Texas 6′ 4″ 238
27 Dallas Charles Brown OT USC 6′ 6″ 298
28 San Diego Terrence Cody DT Alabama 6′ 5″ 378
29 NY Jets Dez Bryant* WR Oklahoma State 6′ 2″ 210
30 Minnesota Jahvid Best* RB Cal 5′ 10″ 195
31 Indianapolis Kyle Wilson CB Boise State 5′ 10″ 190
32 New Orleans Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri 6′ 1″ 232