Seattle Seahawks Are Holding Pocket Aces For The 2010 Draft

The Seattle Seahawks definitely have the best hand before the flop, i mean before the draft begins tomorrow.

It is going to make most Seattle Seahawks fans livid but the simple fact is Seattle will most likely trade down the 14th pick if they are able to land an offensive tackle they like at #6, my bet is Russell Okung or Trent Williams will be one of the 2 available, personally i prefer Okung over Williams.

It is a simple fact of the Draft and if we can walk away with a late 1st round pick and a 2nd rounder for the 14th pick,  Seattle will jump all over it! Who knows we might be able to get 3 picks for the 14th slot?

Maybe even a 1st rounder next year.

All i have to say is it is going to take some time to rebuild our beloved Seahawks , so we have to be patient and see how it all turns out. We definitely will know about the teams strategy after the 1st round tomorrow!

The NFL draft is supposed to be a talent equalizer with the weaker teams getting the picks of the litter and the stronger teams getting the later picks.

In theory, the draft should help create a more competitive landscape. In reality, it doesn’t always work out that way. Various factors give some teams more impact than other teams.

In the 75th NFL draft, which begins Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. ET, these five teams could wind up being power brokers:

Their leverage: They have two of the first 14 picks (Nos. 6 and 14). They could trade one of those for multiple picks and get more players.

Their options: Seattle must replace perennial Pro Bowl left tackle Walter Jones, whose career is probably over, but it might not have to do it with the sixth pick. The tackle position is one of the strongest in this year’s draft—many scouts say there are four or five tackles worthy of being selected in Round 1—so the Seahawks still could get a good one at No. 14.

Their view: “I’m always open to trading down, I really am,” first-year G.M. John Schneider, who will work in conjunction with first-year coach Pete Carroll, told reporters recently. “We took pride in that in Green Bay. We will continue to do that.”

“Sporting News Snippet”