Seattle Seahawks In Position To Deal For Brandon Marshall?

The Seattle Seahawks remain the best bet for Marshall. They have the No. 6 and 14 overall picks in the first round and 60 in the second round. The Seattle Seahawks clearly don’t want to part with their No. 6 pick as one month after visiting with Marshall, they have yet to submit an offer sheet to the restricted free agent receiver. The deadline for teams to sign restricted free agents other than their own is April 15.

Could Deion Branch or Patrick Kerney be part of a Seattle Seahawks deal with Denver?

Not that there was much chance of Mike Shanahan swinging a deal with his old Denver friends, anyway, but Easter Sunday didn’t make it easier on the Broncos or Brandon Marshall in their quest to separate. Any chance of the Broncos working out a deal with Shanahan may have evaporated Sunday night when the Washington Redskins acquired quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Shanahan was the Broncos’ head coach for 14 seasons until he was fired after the 2008 season. He is now getting ready to coach his first season with the Washington Redskins.

To lure McNabb away from their NFC East division rival Philadelphia Eagles, the Redskins parted with their second-round pick, No. 37 overall, in the upcoming NFL draft. That No. 37 pick would have been appropriate compensation for the Broncos as they seek a deal for Marshall. The Redskins also have the No. 4 overall draft pick, but that is widely considered too much compensation for Marshall.


  1. Also don't forget that Denver NEEDS a center. Since we are testing the market for Chris Spencer he may possibly be worth a second round pick since there is a lack of depth in this years draft. Trade Spencer and maybe a 4th if Marshall's value continues to drop? that would be ideal but we could also deal Branch and Spencer if we get Marshall.

    • Very interesting take Cliff, i would love to see them lose a second rounder along with Spencer, it would definitely make it worth Marshall.
      We dont need to trade a first rounder for the guy with such little interest in him!

  2. Cliff hit it right on the head. Spencer and the Hawks second 4th round selection #128 for Marshall. Fills Broncos deep need for a center, that has a 1st round tender, and then gives them a little extra with the pick.The only problem that I have with that is that #128 might be too much extra. Might be better with a 5th or 6th rounder! Branch is a cry baby whos forever getting hurt in the open air of Qwest. Give him a nice warm dome to make him feel better and he might actually produce. The Rams system might be just what he needs to play well. Atogwe is still out there on a first refusal tender.He's going to be expensive, but I think worth it. Give the Rams Branch. It's that or on June 1, they get nothing or THEY have to pay him that 7 Mil. Then we can forget about safety in the draft. What would #6 be worth money wise anyway. Not 7 mil. but then your taking a gamble. Give them Branch with a thank you card.