Pete Carroll hopes roster turnover "Makes A Statement"

If it seems like the Seattle Seahawks have been making a lot of transactions this offseason, well, it’s because they have. According to the team’s website, the team has made 55 transactions since the draft, not including the undrafted free agents they signed right after the draft.

The constant turnover has apparently gotten to the point that team officials aren’t sure of every move. During Monday’s minicamp, the there was a player, WR Victor James, on the field who, last any of us had been told, had been cut last week.

Apparently James was brought back when a roster spot was freed up when QB Mike Teel was waived. Either that, or James is just pulling a Willie Mays Hays from the movie Major League, hoping to just keep practicing to earn a spot even if he’s not supposed to be there.

While the latter would be rather hilarious, the more likely scenario is that James was indeed re-signed by the team after being cut.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said there is a method to this transaction madness:

“There is no doubt that we have moved a lot of guys in here and out of here,” he said. “We had 100 guys in minicamp and I think that message is really clear. They are not surprised by it now. They know what we are doing and how we are going about it. When you bring guys in sometimes they show that this opportunity is all they needed. It makes a statement. We are looking for the diamond in the rough. We are looking for the guy that is going to overcome the odds and we want that environment around the club.”

Carroll also said there is no deadline in his or GM John Schneider’s mind when the roster should be set, so don’t expect the constant roster overhaul to end anytime soon.