Seahawks shopping for a running back?

There were reports that the Seattle Seahawks explored the the possibility of trying to obtain Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch before the draft. Word is the Bills’ demand for a second-round pick killed any chance of the Seahawks pursuing a trade.

But that might change after the Seahawks surprisingly released LenDale White Friday, just five weeks after acquiring him in a draft-day trade with the Tennessee Titans.

The Seahawks went into the offseason seeking a big back to complement their smaller runners. They saw White as the ideal thumper, plus he would be reunited with his former Southern Cal coach, Pete Carroll, who is now the Seahawks’ head man. But the team cited White’s lack of commitment (the same criticism he faced in Tennessee) as the reason for waiving him.

As for the Bills, this would be a perfect opportunity to strike a deal with the Seahawks. Despite insisting they have no interest in trading Lynch, the Bills are prepared to move on without him by drafting C.J. Spiller in the first round. A Spiller-Fred Jackson pairing would do just fine. Besides, trading Lynch would rid the team of its biggest headache.

Lynch has yet to show up for any offseason activity, presumably because of his unhappiness with losing the starting job to Jackson last year and the arrival of Spiller. Lynch claimed in a recent story that he would participate in the OTAs soon, but we’ll see if that’s the case. He will play in Buffalo this fall if he has no other choice, but why would the Bills want a player who doesn’t want to be here?

I know head coach Chan Gailey is supposed to be some kind of offensive mastermind, but I find it hard to believe going to be able to keep Fred Jackson, Spiller and Lynch happy. There are only so many snaps in a game and only so many touches to go around.

It would be in the Bills’ best interests to lower their demands and trade Lynch to the Seahawks, assuming they are still interested.