"All I know is football," said Leon Washington

“All I know is football,” said the Seattle Seahawks Newest running back Leon Washington.

“I grew up in Florida and that’s all we play down there. So from the time I was born I had a football on my chest.”

While some of his teammates may be enjoying the break before training camp, Washington plans to continue his conditioning and workouts in the next weeks at API in Pensacola.

Washington’s rehabbing is right on track, in fact, he may even be ahead of the game.

He reports that he had a scan yesterday and is bone is pretty much healed. Right now, his focus is on getting his legs strong and working on his mental control.

“I’ve been playing football a long time,” he explained, “and think I adjust right back.

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“I’ve been putting a lot of hard work in and it’s paid off. The trainers here have been doing a tremendous job of getting me back on the field so I want to thank them a lot.”

Suiting up and finally participating in individual drills this week is something Washington has been looking forward to since his injury last October.

Washington has being doing a ton of work behind the scenes and honestly feels that he could have been back on the field three weeks ago if he really wanted to push himself.

But for now, the game plan is to take things slowly and do them the “right way.”

Leon has no doubt he can be back to where he once was. In fact, he thinks he can be better.