Chapter Two: Quarterback… What Quarterback?

After the last two seasons, who hasn’t caught themselves asking, “Who is the future quarterback for the Hawks?”  The facts are out there for anyone to see: Matt Hasselbeck won’t last forever and is a becoming a liability.   We have been with Matt since his rocky start.  We saw him get benched, watched Dilfer play and then watched Matt win back his starting job.   We watched him lead us to our first Super Bowl and after that we once again watched him struggle.  Matt Hasselback is a true leader and was once a great quarterback, but I don’t think that he can make it another season.  Although it is a sad thought, my prediction is, he will once again go down within the first half of the season.  It has happened twice and there is no evidence of a different outcome.  I am not trying to piss off any Hasselbeck fans because I am one myself.  I am merely stating that we would be better off either trading or releasing him and filling that spot with a younger quarterback to be molded for the future.

Now, lets talk Whitehurst. He was acquired pre-draft and a lot of fans view this as a mistake.

According to ESPN, “The Seahawks swapped the 40th pick in the second round with San Diego’s 60th pick and also will send the Chargers a third-round pick in the 2011 draft.”  Not a lot is known about Whitehurst except for a bunch of college stats.  His best year at Clemson was in 2005, where he had his highest quarterback rating, which was 133.49.  He threw for 2,483 yards and completed 229 out of 340 of his passes. Whitehurst threw 11 touchdowns and 10 interceptions that season as well.  Unfortunately he has no real NFL stats except for 2 games played in 2006 and 1 rushed touchdown.  With these stats it is hard to judge anything.  All I know is,  we should not develop an attachment to him because of what we gave up.  Bottom line: if he doesn’t perform, drop him and don’t waste the roster space.  There is no time for regret in football, just look at the Raiders and Jamarcus Russell.  It is just a bad idea to drag things like this out for too long.

J.P. Losman was added shortly after Mike Reily and Mike Teal were cut.   Now a lot of people, including the Bills fans, do not believe in him.   Before I make a judgement, lets look at his best year in the NFL.  His best year was with the Bills in 2006.  His quarterback rating was 84.9.  He threw for 3,051 yards and completed 268 of 429 of his passes.  Losman also threw 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.  This was a decent performance but let’s take a look at his worst year.  In 2005, Losman only played in 9 games and started in 8.  His rating was a dismal 64.9 and he completed 113 out of 228 of his passes.  He still managed to throw for 1,204 yards.  He completed 8 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.  Before I make a final verdict on Losman, I would like to share Hasselbeck’s stats from 2008.

{Hasselbeck in 2008 started and played in a total of 7 games one less 2 less than Losman.  His quarterback rating was a horrible 57.8 and he complete 109 out of 209 of his passes. He threw 5 touchdowns but doubled his interception to 10.  He managed to throw 1,216 yards that season.}

Although this was his worst season, he had plenty of seasons where had good or at least average ratings.  Based on 2008 alone, in comparison with Losman,  I think J.P. will be a suitable player either as No. 2 or N0.3.

Now that I have touched on each quarterback currently under contract,  I would like to take the rest of this time to talk about some theories and rumors:

First rumor involves Hasselbeck being traded to the Vikings if Favre retires.  Although it would be the best option for the Hawks to let him leave with dignity,  I don’t think it will happen.  Minnesota doesn’t seemed to be too worried about their quarterback future anymore.  However, you never know, we might see them make a move later this summer.

Now lets talk about theory of why we have Losman.  Myself and a few other fans have this nagging feeling that picking up Losman was more of an insurance policy on Hasselbeck and Whitehurst.  Why in the world would you have a young, ex-starter come to Seattle to be number No. 3? The answer is simple: you wouldn’t…  So the question is now, why is J.P. Losman a Seahawk?  It isn’t because we needed someone to throw for training camps or the preseason.  That would be, by far, the lamest reason to have a quarterback like him on a team.  The main purpose of Losman is to have someone with experience signed and ready to go, just in case Hasselbeck does leave or we waive Whitehurst.  Pete is not going to take any chance because he has a lot riding on the success of his new team.  That being said, be prepared for anything and expect nothing.

When it comes to picking up a good quarterback,  the only names that stand out are Marc Bulger and Daunte Culpepper.  The question is, would anyone of them be a better fit?  The answer,sadly is no. Daunte didn’t do much for the Lions and Bulger is what Hasselbeck will look like if he doesn’t turn it around.

Now to close this article, I would like to state my purpose.  I am not here to piss off fans of any of the players, my soul purpose is to get fans thinking about the future of this great organization.  I want everybody to know the facts and the other opinions out there.  I will deliver one or two of these positional breakdowns a week.  Of course, like any good writer, I will infuse them with not just my opinions, but opinions that I have heard frequently.

Thank you for reading.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.”
Vince Lombardi