Could the Seattle Seahawks make a move for Haynesworth?

Should Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks make a play for Haynesworth if and when the Redskins possibly trade or release him?

More notes from TNT below:

Sure looks like he’s on the way out, and there’s no doubting Haynesworth’s talent. Sure, it’s concerning that he didn’t begin to consistently use that talent until he was playing for a new contract. And yeah, it’s probably not a good sign that a few weeks after accepting a $21 million check from Washington he decides to say, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ when asked to play nosetackle for Washington.

But those aren’t the only reasons that it’s too soon to start urging the Seahawks to make a bid for him. Namely, Haynesworth is still going to have a huge say in where he goes.

Why? Well, first start with the indications that Washington isn’t going to trade him unless he pays back some of the $21 million he accepted this offseason.

• Shanahan: Haynesworth trade possible … if part of the bonus is repaid

Haynesworth isn’t going to pay that back and then sit idly by and see where Washington deals him. He’s going to have some degree of control in that destination unless Washington decides to simply call that $21 million a total loss and wash its hands of him.

Second, it’s really easy to look at Haynesworth’s talent and say, ‘Sign me up for that, I don’t care if he’s got a sprained attitude any more than if he had chronic dandruff.’

But in Carroll’s rebuilding project, it’s not that easy. He needs an eye toward the future, and the fact that he cut White at a point in which the season was still months away showed that Carroll not only had expectations of his players, but he would levy severe consequences when those expectations weren’t met.

Does that buy enough credibility to take on an attitude risk like Haynesworth? Or does that show a very firm limit to what the team will tolerate.

So now, the question: Should the Seahawks add Haynesworth if the cost were, say a pick in the final four rounds of the draft and a big, fat sack of cash?