Hasselbeck says everything fine with Jim Mora

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck appeared on KJR 950 AM on Tuesday afternoon with Mike Gastineau, taking time out in this week the Seahawks players have been given off by coach Pete Carroll.

You can listen to the interview here.

[audio:http://seahawknationblog.com/files/2010/06/Matt-Hasselbeck-Interview.mp3|titles=Matt Hasselbeck Interview]

Hasselbeck talked about the offseason in general — “We’ve had more roster turnover this offseason than I can ever remember,” Hasselbeck said, “ever remember hearing about on any team, let alone our team.”

He also talked about one Twitter interaction with former coach Jim Mora concerning tight end John Carlson, which was chronicled on this blog.

Now, before we get to what Hasselbeck said Tuesday it’s important to point out that Mora said immediately that what he said was misinterpreted as it appeared he may have been bristling at what Hasselbeck said.

Mora, via his Twitter feed pointed out within hours: “I’m a huge #8 fan and say so often. Just pointing out that Carlson had good # considering we had to keep him in because of Protection issues. Would love to see him catch 80 balls, I love the kid.”

Hasselbeck likewise said he had not intended to ruffle any feathers, and he talked to Mora on the phone directly to clear everything up.

“I think there was just some confusion,” Hasselbeck said on KJR. “I talked to him directly. It was fine. It was nothing. Misunderstanding all the way.”

Hasselbeck said the whole thing occurred because he was responding to criticism of Carlson’s production from some users on Twitter.

“People were just dogging John Carlson, which you dog John Carlson, I’ve got a problem with you,” Hasselbeck said. “John Carlson is one of my all-time favorite teammates. He’s had an amazing offseason. Very unselfish player, and this year — just because of the kind of offense that we’re running — we’re going to be a very heavy two tight ends, two wide receivers, one back team. Really moving John around everywhere, making him kind of the focal point of what we’re doing.

“I was coming to his defense, and like I said, probably just a misunderstanding.”