Losman is more "game-ready" than Charlie Whitehurst

Charlie Whitehurst has the big contract and the Seahawks gave up the high draft picks to get him. But is he the biggest threat to Matt Hasselbeck on the Seattle roster?

Based on practice in shorts, Dave Boling of the Tacoma News-Tribune doesn’t think so.

“For my money, and I think I’ve seen every OTA session that has been open to us, I think JP Losman is far closer to being a game-ready productive quarterback than Whitehurst,” Boling writes. “Losman really has a big-time arm on him, and an awful lot of experience.”

Ah, but Losman hasn’t faced a real pass rush yet. His lack of pocket presence has haunted his NFL career to this point.

We don’t put a lot of stock into pre-training camp reports, but Boling’s note still is something to keep in mind in training camp. It’s way too early to draw any conclusions about Whitehurst, who remains an unknown.

It’s worth considering, though, that Losman’s time with the quarterback guru Jim Fassell in the UFL did him some good. Perhaps Losman will get a crack at the Seahawks job eventually too.