Mike Florio Confirms hes a complete idiot!

When discussing current Seattle Seahawks News about Pete Carroll, I have had the opportunity to contact multiple sources, and they all advise me that Mike Florio has no idea what he is talking about. Does he ever come outside? Where does he get his sources? Mike Florio you are in fact a complete Jack-A$$!

An excerpt from Florio States:
As to Carroll, he should lose his current job. Of course, he won’t; Seattle Seahawks president Tod Leiweke hired Carroll at a time when Leiweke knew or with the exercise of due diligence should have known that Carroll presided over   poised to be slapped silly by the NCAA. And if the Seahawks had no qualms about it then, they should have none now.

Then i guess everyone who has done anything wrong should be slapped with an indefinite suspension to never roam the sidelines of American Football, right Mr. Florio. Maybe we ought to slap you with the crime of posing as a Football writer with no knowledge of anything but speculation & rumors?

I would never admit to reading your garbage but my interest piqued when i saw a headline calling for Coach Pete’s dismissal.

Then you go on to state another misconception in your world of BS:

Still, as a practical matter Carroll’s grace period just shrank. Whatever “plan” previously applied to him — five years, three years, two — the window necessarily shrank, because Carroll’s collegiate career lost much of its luster.

What grace period you idiot? Are we led to believe all coaches past and present have a grace period in their tenure with a team? We will see how Pete does as far as coaching a team to winning or losing, that is what will determine Pete’s tenure as a coach with he Seattle Seahawks!

Mike everyone in the Blogging world knows your an idiot, with no knowledge just speculation article writing A@$..

Do us all a favor Mike Florio, wipe the dirty grease monkey grime from your own hands before you go around talking smack with your rumor mill, speculating stupidity!

Let’s put this into perspective, write about it, complain about it and stand up and say something about it, so while exercising our 1st amendment right to freedom of speech we nominate Mike Florio as a complete JACKASS!