Pete Carroll Has Seahawks Flying High

First of all, I would like to congratulate Jim Mora for being crowned the “Biggest Jacka$$ in Seattle.”

For a team only 5 years removed from the Super Bowl, and a once NFC powerhouse, much has changed. Under Jim Mora, losing quickly became the norm and the Seahawks had seen their image go from a feared offensive juggernaut to a team struggling for an identity. Under one season with Jim Mora, the ‘Hawks had their worst point differential in the last 16 years, their second worst statistical defense in the last 16 years, and their third worse win total in the teams 33 year history.

All of this, and the lifeless Mora was often caught on the sideline staring into the distance like a deer in the headlights, acting as if this game meant nothing to him. And the players seemed to play into his emotions. A football team often follows its leader, the head coach, and the Seahawks were starting to play with the lifeless feel that their coach always seemed to display. For the first time since I have been following the Seahawks, it looked like winning did not matter, and it was going to take a big change to turn that around.

Enter Pete Carroll.

Any football fan out there knows that Carroll has a long history of success coaching at USC, and since being named the Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete has made it clear that he is here to win and create a winning atmosphere.

“If you know anything about me, you know I can’t pass up this challenge,” said Pete Carroll in his Seahawks Press Conference.

And Carroll certainly does have a challenge ahead of him. Unlike Mora though, Carrol is  up for it. He is full of passion, energy, fire, and a will to win.

“I am so fired up to be here,” said Carroll in his press conference.

And even now, Carroll has shown he can shake things up, make the right choices, and fuel the Seahawks fire to win by leading and putting the best team that he can on the field.

So far, he is making it a little easier to buy into this winning tradition the Seahawks are trying to make, and he is making all the right moves so far.

With the additions of Russel Okung, Earl Thomas, Golden Tate, and Leon Washington, among others, the grass is looking greener on the other side and Pete Carroll has the 12th Man Army ready for September and a new playoff streak.