Seattle Seahawks preparing for final exams

The Seattle Seahawks knew that they were going to get a college-like enthusiasm from new coach Pete Carroll. But the organization is getting much more. Carroll installed a blue-white scrimmage, similar to a “spring game” recently, leaving me to wonder if letter sweaters and achievement stickers on the helmet can be far behind.

But the burning question is whether this will translate to his players? NFL teams typically do not have “spring games.” But QB Matt Hasselbeck told KJR in Seattle (via Sports Radio Interviews) that he likes the concept that included a coin toss, referees and captains for the each side (Steve Vallos and Chris Spencer).

“So I think we all believe in it, and that’s a huge part of the puzzle, just believing you can do it, believing in the guys in charge and that’s where we’re at right now,” Hasselbeck said.

Another of Carroll’s precepts is competition. Hasselbeck said that he got quite a wakeup call, not only from coach Jim Mora’s firing, but from having the team make a trade for QB Charlie Whitehurst.

“Well definitely. I think everything that’s happened from the shock that we got when they made the head coaching change — it was sort of like whoa, everybody be on alert, the last two years have not been good enough. It was probably unfair to put it on one guy like that, but it was basically like everybody should be on notice. And that’s what it’s been.”

Carroll has indeed done things his way so far. The only question is if it will work.