The Next Chapter: The Running Back Situation

After the swift release of running back LenDale White. Many Seahawks fans have been asking questions like “What happened?” or  “How did this happen?”.

As it stands, the Seattle Seahawk’s RB roster now looks like this (Logical Order):  Justin Forsett, Leon Washington, Julius Jones, Quinton Ganther and last but not least Louis Rankin.

The way I see it, we need to find a way to avoid keeping Julius Jones.  Jones was Tim Ruskell’s mistake and Pete should have no real reason to keep him on the team.  He has not had a 1,000 yard rushing year since he was signed and has shown no real promise.

Bottom line: it’s time to let go.   As far as Quinton Ganther is concerned, he too has not been able to find a successful year or even a remote chance of a starting job.  Ganther has only been in the league for four years, three years with the Titans and one with the Redskins.   Both teams saw no reason to keep him, why should we?  It will be cheaper just to say goodbye to him and move on.

It also opens up a roster spot for someone that will make a real difference.   The next thing I would try to do is put Louis Rankin on the practice squad, as a precaution.   He shows the most promise and is still young enough to be molded.  I saw him in a preseason game when he was playing for the Raiders.  Rankin dragged two defenders with him for a few extra yards.  Rankin has the same drive that Forsett showed us last year.   It is a no brainer when it comes to both Leon and Justin, they are the best options for No. 1 and No. 2.   At this point in time, no one can determine who is which but we all are excited to find out.

Now the other question that is appearing in other blogs and sport sites is “Who is Next?”  Seahawks fans everywhere have been saying that with White gone, there is an empty hole in the roster.   Many have said Tatum Bell and others chime in with classic old timers  like Brian Westbrook or Jamal Lewis.  The problem with Tatum is that he suffers from a lack of stability.

He is unable to find his way to the top of any RB depth chart.   Brian Westbrook and Jamal Lewis are not viable options because they are older and more prone to injuries.  My favorite option that has reappeared once again in the media is Marshawn Lynch.  Now, we all remember the offseason trouble Lynch went through last season but lets just move past that.  He would greatly benefit from Pete Carroll’s way of coaching.  Before last season Marshawn Lynch had rushed for just over a 1,000 yards and the same the year before that.   My question is: What do we have to lose?  We have seen the Carroll administration drop players that they paid dearly for without flinching.  He has the speed and power that will bring the Seahawks into the running back future.  I believe Lynch and Forsett would make an amazing team and help the us bring home a title.