Typical Housh, an honest answer to a point-blank question

TMZ reported this article today from a beat reporter interviewing TJ Houshmandzadeh before he entered a restaurant with his family, my problem is Pete Carroll might be having a word with the Housh Man after he explicitly states Pete got out of the Burning house while it was burning, in other words TJ thinks Carroll knew.

Greg Johns from the Seattle P.I. reports-

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll might want everyone to believe he didn’t leave USC because of the impending NCAA sanctions, but it appears Seahawks wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh isn’t buying that one.

Houshmandzadeh was approached by someone with a camera outside a restaurant in this video on TMZ and was nice enough to not tell the guy to drop dead and leave him alone while he’s heading to dinner.

Instead, Houshmandzadeh has fun with the camera clown and answers his questions, including one about whether Carroll made the right decision in leaving USC.

“Of course,” he says. “Get out when the house is burning.”

Typical Housh, an honest answer to a point-blank question.

Say what you want about Houshmandzadeh, he doesn’t pull any punches.

Does make you wonder how Carroll might feel about that one though …