ESPN ranks Seahawks No. 83 franchise in sports?

Looking for another sign that the Seattle Seahawks do not command much respect nationally? In the eighth annual survey performed by ESPN The Magazine ranking the major sports franchises, called the Ultimate Standings, the Seattle Seahawks were ranked a surprising 83rd overall among 122 sports franchise in the magazine’s latest addition due out this Friday.

The Seattle Mariners, a team with only four playoff appearances in the history of the franchise, were ranked 58th overall. And our former NBA team, the Seattle SuperSonics – now the Oklahoma Thunder – ranked 25th overall.

Even teams like the Memphis Grizzlies (75th), the Vancouver Canucks (64) and the Jacksonville Jaguars (71) were ranked ahead of the Seahawks.

The New Orleans Saints rode a Super Bowl victory to the top spot, followed by the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Angels, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Rays, San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Red Wings, the Packers and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Los Angeles Clippers placed last on the list at 122nd overall.

Other bottom feeders include the Toronto Maple Leafs (121), Washington Wizards (120), New York Knicks (119), New Jersey Nets (118), Philadelphia 76ers (117), Minnesota Timberwolves (116), Oakland Raiders (115), St. Louis Rams (114) and Toronto Raptors (113).

The survey ranks MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams in eight different areas, including ownership, bang for the buck, coaching, fan relations and stadium experience.

I understand the Seahawks have only won nine games over the past two seasons. However, they still regularly sell out Qwest Field and have one of the richest owners in pro sports in Paul Allen, who is committed to putting a winning product on the field. Hard to believe those two things alone don’t get you further up the list.