Golden Tate's Contract Comes Into Focus

As first reported by Adam Caplan of, the Jets signed second-round offensive lineman Ducasse to a four-year, $3.25 million dollar contract on Wednesday.

Ducasse is the player chosen in the first two rounds of the 2010 NFL Draft to sign a contract, and his signing has importance to the Seattle Seahawks, as Ducasse was selected one spot ahead of wide receiver Golden Tate.

Based on what’s known about second-round contracts, and Ducasse’s deal, here’s a look at what Tate’s contract might look like, and what would be left over for the Seahawks to sign first-round picks Russell Okung and Earl Thomas.

Vladimir Ducasse

In addition to minimum base salaries, totaling $1.79 million dollars, Ducasse reportedly eceived a $1.025M signing bonus, which will be prorated over the length of the contract. With a reported total contract value of $3.25 million dollars, this means that there’s an additional $435,000 of guaranteed money within Ducasse’s deal. The additional $435K is likely in the form of a one-time roster bonus, backed by a portion of his 2013 base salary, and easily earned with minimum playing time and a team qualifier.

What It Means For Golden Tate

The guaranteed portion of Ducasse’s deal represents a 7.12% increase over what Miami Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith signed for last July.

Now, there are multiple ways to structure a second-round contract, but if a similar-sized increase and structure is applied to Tate, his four-year deal would be worth $3.27M, including a signing bonus of around $1.036M and a $444k one-timer. That would create a first-year cap number of $579,000.

Factoring in what the other Seahawks rookies have received, that would leave $4.203 million dollars on the rookie pool for the ‘Hawks to sign Okung and Thomas. The two players chosen in the same spots in ’09–Andre Smith and Malcolm Jenkins–had a combined first-year cap hit of $3.945M.

There really is no rush to get Okung, Thomas, or Tate signed,