How success for Pete Carroll will be measured in 2010

Carroll returns to the NFL with the kind of rah-rah rhetoric that doesn’t often resonate with grown men who are motivated mainly by money.

The problem with talking big? Fans hear it, and they begin to believe it.
Regardless of what the talent (or lack thereof) on the roster suggests.
That said, Carroll and GM John Schneider have brought in talented new faces, like left tackle Russell Okung, safety Earl Thomas, and receiver Golden Tate. Carroll’s decision to trade for former USC running back LenDale White and then cut him shows that there will be no sacred cows, and that the only way to get paid will be to do things Carroll’s way.

Whether it works remains to be seen. But Carroll’s success at Southern Cal (which has been tempered a bit by the sanctions imposed against the program) and his high-energy confidence raise the stakes, especially in a weak division.
It’ll be a surprise if the Seahawks can muster more than six wins, but failure to do so will still be met with disappointment in a city that believes a new coach can create the same turnaround that Mike Smith brought to the Falcons, Tony Sparano brought to the Dolphins, and John Harbaugh brought to the Ravens in 2008.
The best news for Carroll? Even if he doesn’t win a game, the Seahawks won’t be likely to fire a head coach after only one season for a second straight year.