Jim Mora calls Pete Carroll a Cheater

Had to post this video of Jim Mora Calling current Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll a cheater, all i can say is Jim Mora is still running his mouth to anyone who will listen to him.

The appearance of former Seahawks coach Jim Mora on KJR radio in Seattle was captured both in audio and video form.

And the video of Mora’s remarks includes a moment during which Mora mouthed something to host Hugh Millen and/or host Dave “Softy” Mahler.

Discussing the fact that he was bounced for Pete Carroll, Mora discusses his philosophy regarding doing things the right way — and doing things the wrong way.

“If you’re a person that does not have integrity, that doesn’t play by the rules, that doesn’t put other people first, that cheats … that doesn’t necessarily play by the rules, then I think at the end of the day, you’re gonna struggle emotionally,” Mora said.

The interesting part comes after Mora says the phrase “that cheats.” At that point, he seems to say silently, “Pete Carroll cheats.”

But watch it for yourself. The key moment comes at the 7:00 mark of the video pasted below.

And let us know, lip readers, what you think Mora is saying.