Pete Carroll Fires Back Calls Jim Mora A Loser

In the latest volley of words, Pete Carroll fires back at Jim Mora calling him a sore loser and a horrible coach.

At least all us Seahawks Faithful wish he would have, instead of being such a nice guy, especially when someone calls you a cheater.

While Mora was in Seattle last year he continued RUNNING HIS BIG MOUTH which originally got his ass fired in Atlanta. When he was in a live radio interview and said he would leave immediately from Atlanta to take the coaching position with the Washington Huskies if the opportunity arised.

Well Atlanta fans didnt take that to lightly, Neither did the Falcons front office,  so he was let go.

And so the Seattle Seahawks brought him in to succeed Mike Holmgren as head coach. We all know how that ended up with Jim Mora calling out Olindo Mare after the Bears game then calling out John Carlson on Twitter of all places.

This dumb ass continues to run his mouth with out ever understanding the consequences of his actions. So the Jim Mora saga continues even after we voted him “Seattle’s Biggest JACKASS” of the year for 2010 in an earlier article by myself.

I’m sorry Jim Mora but please do all us Seahawks faithful a favor and please leave the city or the state, your lip services are no longer needed in the Pacific Northwest!

And to be honest Pete Carroll never responded with one word to Jim Mora’s calling him a cheater, but hey your here reading this already, so let the 12th Man Army know how you feel about both Coaches?