Seahawks' secondary a primary concern

One of the most surprising facts about last season is that Seattle Seahawks run defense was actually OK, ranking No. 15 in yards per game. Actually, it was probably better than just OK considering just how much time Seattle spent in the opponent’s woodshed last season, and when an opponent has a lead, it is more likely to run, and despite all that Seattle allowed an opposing player to rush for more than 100 yards just twice in 16 games.

But pass defense? That was a problem. Seattle ranked No. 30 in pass yards allowed, and it’s hard to forget the image of Houston’s Andre Johnson running around Seattle’s secondary as if it were a slalom course in December.

Was it the lack of pass pressure that left the defensive backs exposed or was it the inability of Seattle to adequately cover opponents that didn’t give the rush time to develop?

Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports seems to think it was the men in coverage that presented the biggest problem, and he ranks Seattle No. 30 out of 32 teams in terms of its secondary.

30. Seattle Seahawks: I’m not exactly sure what it is, but Marcus Trufant(notes) and Kelly Jennings(notes), who both posses plenty of talent, seem to forget that they’re good and have stretches where they look awful. It’s so bad that former second-round pick Josh Wilson(notes) could start over one of them all season. New coach Pete Carroll is hoping that rookie S Earl Thomas(notes) will help inject some much-needed speed in the lineup. The rest of the safeties are ordinary.