Another Silly Excuse From Brian Cushing, You Be The Judge

Good thing it’s not a contest, though. Because as much as Brian Cushing tries, he can’t beat cyclist Tyler Hamilton’s claim a few years back that his imaginary twin was responsible for his positive blood doping tests.

Ah, busted athletes and their excuses. Who knew how creative they can be?

Barry Bonds says he thought it was just flaxseed oil. Roger Clemens claims the shots he was getting in his rear end were nutritional supplements.

Sprinter Justin Gatlin tells a story about a masseuse who may have added a little something extra to his rubdown.

And now Cushing says his positive test for a female fertility drug came about because he exercised too much.

That’s right. Exercised too much.

The Houston Texans linebacker offered up that excuse Monday while somehow suppressing what had to be an overwhelming urge to giggle. That’s OK, because a lot of other overworked athletes had to be doing some giggling themselves at just the thought of it.

According to Cushing’s appeal of his four-game suspension for testing positive for a female fertility drug last year, he was the victim of something he called Overtrained Athlete Syndrome. Turns out it was simply a case of him working too hard for his own good.

“I think that’s the final diagnosis we came up with,” Cushing said, “and a lot of doctors have supported why this has happened.”

Just who those doctors are, Cushing isn’t saying. But Texans owner Bob McNair buys the story, so much so that he went to New York to ask NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to rescind the four-game suspension handed down to Cushing for his positive test.

Among those not buying it is Travis Tygart, who heads the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which administers drug testing for America’s Olympic athletes.