Video: Camp Carroll: Day 6 Morning Edition

Linebacker Aaron Curry still did not practice after suffering from headaches following a collision in Saturday’s practice. Curry was absent from the practice field entirely on Monday and Tuesday so his presence on the field means he’s moving one step closer to being back.

Still no sign of Russell Okung, Seahawks’ left tackle who is one of only two first-round picks unsigned.

DE Lawrence Jackson, OL Mansfield Wrotto, DT Kevin Vickerson, CB Marcus Trufant and WR Deion Branch sat out practice in addition to Curry. Vickerson was wearing an extra legging on his left leg.

Seattle signed DT Quinn Pitcock, a former third-round pick who abruptly retired from the Colts in 2008 at the age of 24, one year into his NFL career.

WR Mike Hass was released to make room for Pitcock on the roster. Pitcock, who attended Ohio State, will play three-technique at 296 pounds.

Did he expect his football career was over when he walked away?

“No, I didn’t think it was,” Pitcock said. “There was a bump in the road. I just went seeking help for the right time when I felt mentally ready to come back. Now, I waited until physically, and now here I am, and I’m still not fully there. That’s what camp’s for.”

Pitcock did not specify exactly what the bump in the road was other than to say he sought help for some mental challenges he was facing.

As for the opportunity now?

“I just feel I have a good chance here,” Pitcock said. “So that’s a nice little change, going from playing from nose and trying to use my athletic ability.”

Receiver Mike Williams had a pair of noteworthy catches, one of them coming as he went up and over Kelly Jennings, catching a pass from Charlie Whitehurst.


Five days into training camp, No. 6 overall pick offensive tackle Russell Okung remains one of two NFL first-round selections not under contract; the other is running back C.J. Spiller, the No. 9 overall selection by the Buffalo Bills.

With the Seahawks not practicing on Wednesday, the organization, including head coach Pete Carroll, was able to devote full attention to getting contract issues cleared up in hopes of getting Okung into training camp.

Both parties could be looking toward Sunday as a final deadline. That way, Okung could get a full week of work before Seattle’s first exhibition game Aug. 14, when Tennessee visits Qwest Field.


Here are some highlights from the morning portion of today’s two-a-day at Virginia Mason Athletic Center:

  • The play of the day came when wideout Mike Williams and safety Jordan Babineaux went up together for a deep ball down the left sideline. The ball was tipped up in the air and, while falling to the ground and keeping his feet inbounds, Williams pulled it in for the incredible catch.
  • During a goal-line drill, tight end John Carlson flashed remarkable quickness in getting open for a short touchdown catch near the front right corner of the end zone.
  • Running back Justin Forsett turned in a nifty slicing run up the middle during 11-on-11 period.
  • Wideout Kole Heckendorf broke past the secondary and hauled in a 30-yard touchdown on a nice pass from J.P. Losman.
  • Losman later hit wideout T.J. Houshmandzadeh in stride overt the middle during team period.
  • During a running-focused team drill, linebacker Matt McCoy shot into the backfield and wrapped up the tailback for a significant loss.
  • In 7-on-7 period, tight end Anthony McCoy made a tough catch over the middle while getting popped by two defenders.