Golden Tate keeps making his presence felt!

A lot of focus is on Russell Okung, the Seahawks’ first-round draft pick who missed his fourth straight day of practice Tuesday as he remains unsigned.

But one rookie who is making his presence felt on a daily basis is second-round pick Golden Tate, the wide receiver from Notre Dame.

Tate made another excellent reception Tuesday on about a 30-yard touchdown from Matt Hasselbeck when he put a great move on cornerback Roy Lewis that created separation and allowed him to make a nice twisting catch in the end zone.

Without question, Tate looks like a player who will have an impact on the Seahawks’ offense this season, given his body control and ability to adjust to the ball in the air while going up strong despite being just 5-foot-10.

“Golden Tate just makes plays,” Hasselbeck said after practice. “I know they’re on him to be a little more disciplined in his route running and attention to detail and those kinds of things, but he just makes plays.

“He’s kind of electric once he gets the ball in his hands; it’s always a good thing. He’s got the stuff that’s really hard to coach and the stuff that’s coachable for everywhere he needs to get better, but that’s a great thing and as a teammate he’s been great.

“He shows up, works hard, seems like he’s ready to go, and has definitely made some plays in camp to help.”