Hawktimus Prime Rolls Out The SeaHawk walk, What The Hell?

What the hell are people doing in their spare time in Seattle? Smoking crack in Beacon Hill obviously.

Just when the Seattle Seahawks 12th Man thought he had seen it all, these 12th man fans have taken it to the next level of fan Stardom in the Beautiful City Of Seattle.

Fan created videos are all the rage these days, and tend to run the gamut of pretty well done, to downright awful, to just plain bizarre (Matthias anyone?).

This one falls somewhere in the middle.

The premise is a simple one–two white guys rapping about their beloved Seahawks. Truth be told, they’re actually pretty dope rappers, as they drop rhymes about Steve Largent, the ubiquitous 12th man, and such.

The real star of the video is Hawktimus Prime, a third cousin twice removed of Optimus Prime, who has been programmed to a) cheer exclusively for the Seahawks, b) gather the remaining Seattlebots, and c) get funky.

Prepare to have your mind blown (just try and ignore the obvious copyright infringement)…