Lawyer Milloy on Earl Thomas: ‘He responded today’

Lawyer Milloy said it was important for Earl Thomas to play well after struggling in the first, two games.

“I like the way he responded today,” Milloy said. “He kept it simple. You don’t have to go out there and make every play. In this league quarterbacks are good enough to find when you’re out of position and things like that. And today he did that, and he worked on it really, really hard this week. And you see the results.”

Thomas said he’s getting more comfortable on the field, which is allowing him to make more plays.

“It’s just all about getting my feet wet and seeing what I can do,” Thomas said. “And Lawyer does a good job of calming me down when I’m out there. We go through a lot of situations before the game, and it just comes with playing a lot. You’re going to get comfortable out there, and that’s what is happening right now.”

Carroll said Thomas’ play was an example of what the Seahawks saw on film when they scouted him.

“We drafted him because he’s a playmaker,” Carroll said. “He was the best playmaker in the country, and a guy we were extremely excited about being able to do big things, and sure enough that was an amazing play. He played much better tonight than he did last weekend. And I’m happy for him. He wants to be great, and he’s really working hard to get that done.”

Linebacker Lofa Tatupu came through the game okay. As usual, I thought the defense just played with more intensity and crisper with Tatupu on the field. And they made more plays.

“They got some yards on us, but when you get turnovers things happen for you,” Tatupu said. “And I think we’ve been able to do that week in and week out.

“When you’ve got a quarterback, good receivers, good running back, yards are going to happen. And they’ve got a great O-line too, so were not naïve to think we’re going to pitch a shutout in yards, too. But you make it hard on those guys by playing smart football, being where you’re supposed to be and getting off the field with turnover opportunities.”