Pete Carroll: Russell Okung's absence "a concern"

Three days after the Seattle Seahawks opened training camp, No. 6 overall pick Russell Okung is still not under contract. And coach Pete Carroll is getting upset about it.

“I think it’s a concern for him every day,” Carroll said. “The stuff that a rookie misses in these days is immeasurably marked against them.”

A source told PFT yesterday that Okung and the Seahawks are “not even close” on a deal. Carroll suggested that it’s up to Okung’s camp to agree to a deal that fits between what the Chiefs gave No. 5 overall pick Eric Berry and what the Browns gave No. 7 overall pick Joe Haden.

“I mean it’s pretty clear,” Carroll said. “All of the work has been done in the staging of the position that we’re in. It’s pretty clear how this should go. And we’re absolutely ready to get it done right away. They got to pick up the phone and respond and make sure that we get a chance to get our work done.”

But while it might seem clear to Carroll what needs to happen for a deal to get finalized, there’s no indication that Okung agrees.