Seahawks, Russell Okung "not even close"?

Another Florio Rant?

With the Lions possibly wishing they’d opted to take offensive tackle Russell Okung instead of defensive tackle Suh with the second pick in the draft, given Suh’s holdout and rumblings that he wants to pull a Crabtree (if, that is, the 49ers receiver actually had been successful in his attempt to blow the slotting curve), the meerkats from Motown can take some solace in the fact that Okung is unsigned, too.

Per a league source, Okung and the Seahawks are “not even close” on a deal for the sixth overall pick in the draft.

It’s unknown whether Okung is looking to bust the No. 6 slot; if both sides are willing to respect the range between the deals signed by Chiefs safety Eric Berry and Browns cornerback Joe Haden, a deal should be fairly easy to work out.

Suh and Okung are the only two unsigned picks among the top eight selections in the 2010 draft.