Veteran Seahawk Ask's Golden Tate To Buy Doughnuts

In a bit of fun poked at Golden Tate today, on the 3rd day of the Seattle Seahawks’ Training Camp one of the Sehawks vet’s asked Golden Tate to buy some Top Pot Doughnuts, $150.00 worth to be exact.

If you remember, “which all of us Seahawks’ fans do”, Golden Tate was involved in an incident a month ago where he went into a Top Pot Doughnut shop in his building to get some Maple Bars. The catch was the store was closed and the Police were called to the scene where he was given a tresspass warning and told not to do it again.

So the running joke has been just how good are the doughnuts and are we looking at another Leroy Hill fiasco?

Happy birthday to Golden Tate, who turned 22 today. His gift was more of a charge. A veteran asked for doughnuts. Not Krispy Kreme, not Safeway. Yeah, Top Pot, and it wasn’t cheap. $150.00 or so with an extra emphasis upon maple bars.