About that fourth-down play …

Seattle didn’t just go for it on fourth-and-2 in the fourth third quarter, trailing by 17 points.

The Seahawks ended up going for it all from the Denver 20 with a deep pass toward Deion Branch in the corner of the end zone while he was being covered by cornerback Champ Bailey.

Yes, you read that right. The pass was intended for Seattle’s shortest receiver toward the back of the end zone while being covered by one of the league’s best cornerbacks.

Why would the Seahawks plan to make that throw when they’re trying to get back in it? The answer is they didn’t plan to.

“They took away the stuff that we tried to make the first down on,” coach Pete Carroll said. “That’s what Matt had to go to. That was just a chance to capture momentum, and give our guys another boost, to finish this thing off. They did a nice job of covering the stuff we wanted to get the first down on, and he had to put it up just to give us a shot.

So what was the play then?

“It’s kind of like a screen play to the right essentially,” Hasselbeck said. “Julius Jones kind of the guy to get the ball. I think their defense got confused. They ran two guys to Julius so it’s just kind of a bad break, a little bit of bad luck and rather than just concede the play, I just tried to throw it up, again to Champ Bailey, which probably isn’t going to work.”

It didn’t. Seattle turned the ball over on downs, which became Seattle’s third red-zone possession that failed to produce points.

“It feels like, ‘Kick the field goal,’ after you see that,” Carroll said. “But I liked the thought. We were being aggressive, we were going for it. We just didn’t get the play converted.”