Grading the Hawks: Special day for special teams, Washington

Quarterback: D

Matt Hasselbeck’s interception looked like a bad decision, and his 77.6 passer rating generally isn’t enough to win games.

Backs: C

Justin Forsett got 17 of the 21 carries and averaged 3.7. There just wasn’t much space for him.

Receivers: C

The Deion Branch fumble out of the end zone cost them a touchdown, and the per-catch average of 11.6 is nothing remarkable.

Offensive line: C

Hasselbeck was sacked three times (although coverage played a role, too). But on the sack for a safety, guard Ben Hamilton let a blitzer come through free.

Defensive line: A

That might be a little high, but they got four sacks and Red Bryant recovered two fumbles. Nice effort.

Linebackers: C

Curry was doing a nice job jamming Gates, but when Curry went out, Gates started getting open.

Secondary: C

Rivers threw for 455 yards, but Earl Thomas’ two interceptions and some nice plays in the Red Zone saved the Hawks.

Special teams: A

Leon Washington’s two kickoff return scores made the difference in the game.

Coaching: B

The time management at the end of the first half looked like a major blunder. But, this team came up with big plays and played hard for 60 minutes.