Hawkhooters, guaranteed to cause fumbling?

Well just when i thought i had seen it all in my 35 years of not only watching Seahawks football but Footall period. We have traveled to Oakland and to LA when the Raiders were in both cities, and i thought i saw the most craziest fans anywhere on this planet, but i was stunned and at the same time struck by a Lady Seahawk fan who choose a new approach to the “12th Lady”?

Well the photo pretty much says it all and so does her costume? Hooters watch out if anymore ladies start dressing like this, I promise i will never miss another NFL game for the rest of my life.

Forget the game, the opposing team could have problems with a bevy of these young ladies strategically positioned in the red zone when the opposing team has the ball.

My hats off to this brave young soul ready to bare all to 66,000 ravenous Seahawks Fans, network & local television and of course to the perverts taking photos of them, LOL!