How many West Virginia cops does it take to bring down one Marshall fan?

Apparently, by the looks of it, several.

It appears that college football fans are getting in on the act of having at least one moron among them in the stands who thinks it is a hoot and a holler to drunkenly run out on the field of play. I have no confirmation that the man being subdued by what appears to be an entire precinct in the above photo was inebriated, but let’s be serious:

1) A rowdy, college football game atmosphere featuring two in-state rivals; and most importantly…

2) West F**kin’ Virginia!

I rest my case. Now by no means do I intend to disparage an entire state’s population due to the acts of one person, but if there is one guy out there who typifies the “West F**kin’ Virginia mantra, it would be this guy. There appears to be little reporting on the fan or what happened to him after the APB was put out on him once he stumbled onto the field, but Shawn Falkenstein of Metro News Sports was live-blogging the game. Here is his version of events:

10:15 A Marshall fan ran on the field and was clobbered by five police officers at about the 35 yard line. That was something to see. I’ve always wanted to be at a game where a fan ran onto the field. And for the record, he was wearing a Marshall shirt.

I’m sure he enjoyed a relaxing evening surrounded by the colorful, interesting kinds of people who end up in West Virginia detox facility on a Friday night. Yikes.

via Out of Bounds – NBC Sports.