Jets reach into 1970s cultural playbook, harass female reporter at practice

Controversy follows the Jets like stray dogs after Lady Gaga at the VMAs, and this time it may be Rex Ryan’s fault directly. Ryan reportedly instructed his team to run a passing drill in the direction of TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz at the Jets’ facility in Florham Park on Saturday, and Sainz was then subjected to verbal harrassment by the players, according to witnesses. Sainz was at the facility to interview Mark Sanchez, and reportedly was being harassed by catcalls, whistling and extended stares by the players. All that seemed to be missing was a drunken Joe Namath trying to kiss her. The Association of Women In Sports Media has asked the NFL to investigate. Let’s go Jets!

From the New York Daily News:

Ryan runs a loose camp and he’s proud of it. All you had to do was watch five minutes of “Hard Knocks” this summer and you can see why the Jets will never have a problem recruiting free agents.

There are loose camps, and there are loose camps; this is still the NFL, not tryouts for the inmates’ team in The Longest Yard. Hard to believe that Buddy Ryan’s son would be involved in such boorish behavior.

Sainz said that she felt uncomfortable at the practice, and tweeted this on Sunday:

Some said that I was unsuitably dressed at the Jets practice! I was dressed like this!

So Roger Goodell is investigating as the Jets open their season tonight against the Ravens.

Defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman reportedly was intentionally overthrowing his players in an interception drill so the ball would land at Sainz’s feet.

The Jets are so lame, they steal their pranks from Corona commercials?

via Jets reach into 1970s cultural playbook, harass female reporter at practice – Out of Bounds – NBC Sports.