Middle School football coach fired over anti-Obama song

Bryan Glover, 26, was an assistant coach for the Grassland Middle School football team in Franklin, Tenn.; and congratulations on shooting for the stars on that career path, my friend. Anyway, he’s been fired. Why? Because in his spare time, Glover writes twangy country ballads about what’s wrong with our nation … primary target, President Obama. And that would be fine, except that he took his current masterpiece, entitled When You’re Holding a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail, and emailed it to everyone on the football team’s mailing list, including parents and school administrators. Unamused by the country-fried political Spam, school officials reminded Glover of the 1962 George Jones hit Big Fool of the Year, and canned his a**.

Video of Glover’s song, following the jump.

Kind of catchy, but it loses steam around the time that Glover attempts to rhyme “hell” with “nail,” and never really recovers. Anyway, maybe a Nashville middle school is looking for an aspiring middle school receivers coach/tunesmith. This could be the beginning of a gigantic career.
Meanwhile, attention Mike Leach … job opening…