Pee Wee football coaches brawl, but it’s the kids who get punished

Pearland, Texas; where football is king, coaches tip the scales at three bills and common sense is, apparently, in short supply. An on-field scuffle between two Pee Wee football players turned into a wild brawl between the two coaching staffs recently, the action caught on tape … including a pretty vicious cheap shot to the head by one of the coaches. The result? Bay Area Football League officials have banned both teams — comprised mostly of 11-year-olds — from post-season play; even though it was the adults who were at fault. From the Pearland (TX) Journal:

Tempers then flared and coaches from both teams jumped in, pushing and shoving each other. One video taken by a spectator allegedly shows a Hurricane coach hitting a Patriots coach with his elbow. A full fledged brawl broke out on the field and coaches on both sides began throwing punches.
Bay Area Football League officials say the Patriots coach resigned and is now suspended from the league for life. Several other Hurricanes coaches were thrown out for the rest of the season.

At one point in the video, one can see a young player stepping between two adults who are about to come to blows. And check out the vicious cheap shot at the 1:31 mark.

Fights among kids in tackle football are going to happen. But it was because the coaches started fighting that the teams were banned from the playoffs. Is that fair to the kids … some of whom even tried to break up the fight?

Look; come up with a few volunteer coaches — I hear that Jimmy Raye is available — and let the kids play their last couple of games. Man, Texas is just so in LOVE with the death penalty.